Site Investigation – Environmental

The environmental investigation process often begins with a desk study (Phase 1) to establish the full history of a site and consequently what contaminants may be present from former usage of a site.  A Preliminary Risk Assessment report is produced for Phase 1.

As part of the Phase 2 works the factual findings from the site investigation and test results from the chemical testing laboratory are usually presented in reports and such reports invariably progress to interpreting such findings. ‘Qualitative Risk Assessments’ are undertaken with respect to the risks to humans, water resources, plants, etc, and recommendations are given concerning the work required (e.g. remediation) to reduce the risks to acceptable levels. For undertaking more detailed ‘Quantitative Risk Assessments’, the company works closely with a specialist multi-disciplinary geo-environmental and environmental consultancy. The company advises on contamination remediation strategies and advice is also given regarding the classification of surplus spoil for off-site disposal.

Phase 3 work includes the site supervision of remediation works and validating such work. Staff can monitor sites during clearance work and construction for unforeseen contamination. When significant contamination requires more complex, but cost effective remediation strategies, the company works closely with a specialist remediation contractor/consultant.